Ji Heon is not pleased that cousin Moo Won has hired Eun Seol as his secretary, so he ignores her at first, and then gives her a “chance”. But that involves memorising a long list of rules that, frankly, not even a robot could do.

But Eun Seol is all stubborn, so stubborn that she frustrates Ji Heon with her tenacity.

Chairman Cha demands that she gets his wayward son to work on time. She says that she has to use force to get him to work early, and Chairman Cha allows her to use whatever force necessary. He likes her spirit and thinks that they’re of the same wavelength, both of them being former punks and all.

Eun Seol gets to the Cha mansion. Meets Grandma. Thinks that she’s a gardener. She also manages to wake Ji Heon up in time, but not before getting a nice look at his cartoon boxers. Sexy.

Eun Seol also sees her missing shoe in his room and realises that she is the cause of Ji Heon and Chairman Cha’s reason woes. Uh-oh! She quickly says that the shoe doesn’t fit, but Ji Heon throws darts at a mock-up of her, and she realises just how much trouble she’s in.

(Speaking of which: My favourite Eun Seol expression this episode:)

Chairman Cha beats up his son for being late. Eun Seol intervenes, but gets accidentally slapped by the chairman. Everyone’s all horrified. But the chairman offers her “slap money”, to her delight. Seeing her defend him like that changed Ji Heon somewhat. He defends her (in his own weird way) against the office bullies and even applies some cream on her bruised face. Aww!

His old secretary says that he found “bun head”. He’s happy, but Eun Seol intercepts the secretary and puts the fear of God in him.

Eun Seol and Ji Heon makes an official visit at a department store. There, Eun Seol leaves him for a while to get water and just then a crowd of kids come towards him. He gets a bad panic attack.

Eun Seol finds him on his knees, dazed. She asks if he needs medical attention but he asks to just rest for a while. She holds him, patting him on his back … and then he comes to his senses and pushes her away in shock. He covers up his weakness by being his usual haughty self. That night, he can’t stop thinking about the incident. A seed of love has been planted!

Eun Seol discovers a drawer full of pills at Ji Heon’s desk. She later asks Moo Won if Ji Heon is sick, and this is news to him too.

Moo Won is up to no good – he finds out about Ji Heon’s medical condition (like, they let anyone access a person’s medical records over there?) and recommends that Ji Heon present at a very important meeting. Ji Heon refuses at first, but Dad convinces him to do so and says that he’s now the only one, what with his older brother being dead.

Eun Seol helps Ji Heon with his speech. We see a nice little boss-secretary bonding scene.

At the very important meeting, which is filled to the brim with very important people, Ji Heon starts gamely at first but then his anxiety gets the better of him, especially when old flame Na Yoon suddenly appears. So he says that Eun Seol will finish the speech for him and leaves abruptly. At an after party, Dad gets mad when he overhears people saying that Ji Heon is not a good heir to the company.

Eun Seol finds Ji Heon playing a video game and plays with him. Dad comes in suddenly and demands to know why he just left the meeting like that. Ji Heon answers that he just wanted to do it. There was no reason. Enraged, Dad slaps him hard and tells him to get out of the house. Ji Heon does so angrily. Eun Seol explains to the chairman that Ji Heon does have a reason but she’s not at liberty to say what it is. She follows him out.

Moo Won meets Na Yoon and they have a mysterious conversation – Na Yoon is determined to return to Ji Heon’s side. Moo Won, apparently, is part of the plan.

Ji Heon gets mad when Eun Seol follows him. He tells her to scram … but then changes his mind when he realised that he left the house without taking anything with him. Eun Seol brings him to Myung Ran’s home … and that’s when he spots the damning shoes …

What I love in this episode: How the characters are so real. The Cha family interactions, with their chaebol power struggles, isn’t too overdone. Everyone has a good reason for being the way they are. But most of all I love the daddy issues. Chairman Cha wants his son to be another person; Ji Heon knows that and that’s why I don’t blame him for hiding his anxiety condition from his dad. He may act all “I don’t care what he thinks”, but I believe Ji Heon really does want his dad to be proud of him, but for some reason has given up trying. The anxiety problem is just another reason for his dad to be dissapointed with him. So he probably doesn’t want dad to have more ammunition.

Funniest moment: The boxer shorts! Cartoon shorts, how very fitting of Ji Heon…

Most touching moment: When Dad slapped Ji Heon. There were just so many layers of emotions there. Dad’s anger that Ji Heon isn’t the son he wanted. His immediate regret after that. Ji Heon trying to preserve some pride by not telling dad his secret – he’d rather risk his dad’s ire than reveal that vulnerability. It really says a lot about his  relationship with that – if you can’t be vulnerable with your dad, it really shows you don’t trust him. And Eun Seol being all protective of Ji Heon, following him doggedly despite him shooing her away … everything’s all lovely!

Note: You know, as much as I love the show to bits, I have to admit that I do not have that kind of time to write detailed summaries of the episode. I leave that job to the really capable ockoala at Koala’s Playground, who often gets her recaps the day after the episode airs. Here’s the episode 2 recap at Koala’s Playground.

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