Apologies for being away, ya’all. I’ve been so busy, and I’ve been staying with a pal who has no Internet connection.

Well, can you believe that it’s now the last episode? I am actually rather sad about it all. I’ve had such a fun ride with Protect the Boss – it’s the first Kdrama I’m recapping after all. (And I’m woefully behind, I know.) Although the drama wasn’t as engaging from episodes 15 onwards, I still love PTB – purely because I love the characters. I’m just wondering what the last episode brings us.


 As usual, I’ll be writing while watching the show, so just refresh once in a while.

The reporters surround JH and ES, demanding to know about their relationship. ES hotly denies it but JH happily says that he fells in love the first time he saw her.

ES gasps – news quickly spreads on the ‘net. MW laughs while his mum nearly goes crazy. Na Woon’s mum is amazed.

JH drags ES to the park. They have this really long conversation and MW calls and JH says something to him. ES and JH continue to walk in the park, holding hands. So sweet!

The chairman is sweeping the grounds. Two students pass him and he remembers ES.

Jang comes running towards the chairman … he’s probably telling him about the big news between JH and ES.

MW speaks to someone on the phone, his secretary comes in.

He walks with his mum. He mentions the word “scandal” so could he be talking about JH?

Board meeting! They mention Chairman Cha’s name. Suk Hui looks upset. MW speaks… and the chairman suddenly barges in.

They gather in her office (once his!). They have an argument … suddenly her phone rings so she answers it. It’s grandma. She doesn’t look pleased. And neither does Suk Hui at what she’s saying.

JH and ES are eating in the park. She has cream all over her face. Heh.

JH receives a text from MW. He downloads the video and shows the video of both of them (when they were being interrogated by the reporters) to her.

He receives a call from his dad who is REALLY mad.

Suk Hui confronts NY’s mum. And they begin pulling each other’s hair out. LOL! NY runs over to try seperate them but they have an iron grip on each other’s hair.

NY is on the phone calling someone in desperation. Possibly MW!

Suk Hui weeps in MW’s car. MW looks amused.

NY and MW are outside her apartment talking. He taps her on the head for a bit and she smiles. She cries and leans her head on his shoulder. He puts an arm around her. Aww, it’s about time you two love birds.

JH and ES are meeting his dad and grandma. ES looks embarassed/subdued.

The chairman is all upset, but JH looks determined.

She speaks up suddenly, which surprises the chairman who sits down. She bows her head and speaks.

JH frowns at what she has to say while Grandma and Chairman looks surprised.

JH is protesting at what she’s saying, and argues with Dad too. ES puts herself between JH and the chairman and she grabs her cheek when he yells at her.

The chairman yells some more.

JH grabs ES’s hand and leaves, but Chairman loudly demands something from him. He tries to leave but ES tries to kneel down only to be pulled away by JH.

ES protests outside to JH.

The Chairman is still upset, while Grandma says something sternly to him.

ES and JH are outside MR’s apartment. She storms outside, yelling at him and nearly whacks him with the trash.

ES tells her it’s okay … and JH laughs at her only to have MR nearly whack him.

MR is hanging out at NY’s new apartment watching wrestling.

MR is texting secretary Kim, guess she’s jealous hearing NY talk lovingly to MW. ;)

MW sings on the phone to NY. (Ah, the fanservice to JJ fans … so generous!)

But he trails off when he sees something on the computer screen. It’s about JH and ES I think.

Oh, ES’s past is revealed on the Internet now! Oops! Being a chaebol’s girflriend is tough, isn’t it?

JH and ES read the articles too.
They’re now inside the room. ES is on the bed with JH … come on, give us a bed scene!! :D

I love how comfortable and natural they are with each other. Their affectionate banter and ‘skin ship’ is just so natural ya know?

ES gets him milk and he drinks it … and then kisses her and pushes her down on the bed.

Dang, producer! Tease us like this, will you?

JH and ES are outside wearing sunglasses, trying to sneak in to the office quietly. They run across the lobby.

The secretaries are all glaring at ES and she’s trying not to look at them.

She tries to look busy by tidying some papers on her desk.
JH gives a speech at a board meeting. MW smiles while his mum doesn’t look pleased. As the board members exit, they all glare/stare at ES standing outside. JH challenges them as they walk past.

JH and MW have a talk. MW punches JH in the gut and he returns the gesture.

{Internet disruption}

Yay couples date for JH and ES and MW and NY. They take pictures at the park, and then have food at a restaurant. ES and JH are feeding each other food and NY and MW are doing the same. Oh, I love the four of them to bits, you know?

Reporters surround SUk Hui and NY’s mum. I wonder what happened? NY mum cries. Suk Hui barks loudly at them.

Park is grinning at the newspaper article about them.

He’s now with Chairman Cha while he’s at community service, looking apologetic. Chairman’s not reacting at all. He blows his whistle and directs the kids to cross the traffic. Don’t tell me the Chairman has told him to spy on Suk Hui?

ES appears next to Chairman. He yells loudly and scares the kids instead.

The chairman and ES are at another community service place – this time feeding people food. ES won’t leave him alone and follows him to another service.

MW’s mum and NY’s mum is in community service scraping dirt off the floor. NY is there with them. Chairman laughs to see them both there. ES is there too, helping him with the work.

JH is now with ES’s dad who isn’t happy to see him. ES marches in and she kneels in front of them and says something forcefully to him.

Grandma is talking to MW.
NY is eating chips and reading a magazine at her apartment. The phone rings. It’s MW. She is startled by what she hears. She smiles and quickly tidies up the place and gets ready to whip up a meal.

Her efforts, however, isn’t great as she doesn’t really know how to cut vegetables or even handle shrimp. She makes a mess out of things. When MW comes she’s no where prepared. She prevents him from going into the kitchen and he sees the mess she’s made.

MW takes over – of course, MW is so perfect. Not only is he great at business, can sing like an angel, I bet he cooks like Jamie Oliver too.

They have dinner with candle light … and then some wine. She leans over and hugs him happily. They look so good together, don’t you think? That’s why I think they so deserve a bed scene. PD, give it to us please.

She leans and hugs him again.

JH sighs as he talks to his dad.

The chairman sighs and JH beams .. he leaves the chairman alone. The chairman looks resigned, though not in a bad way. He heads out to join JH in the garden, who looks at him suspiciously.

JH hugs his father gladly, and chairman slowly raises his hands to hug him back. My heart is melting – what a lovely son/father pair. I’m gonna so miss them.

The chairman is meeting … a reporter? Grandma watches the interview at home. JH comes down and watches the show, making a comment in amusement.

He is in front of ES’s home. ES surprises him by appearing suddenly at the peephole.

They’re together at a fancy restaurant where there’s even an ochestra playing.

She asks him if he’s proposing and he drops his spoon in surprise. She apologises.

He looks upset … hahaha.

She drinks the tea and there’s a message in the teacup. :) She opens a fortune cookie and there’s a message in it as well.

JH then takes out a Dooly doll and presses it and it says, “I love you, No Eun Seol”.


JH is … singing?? SQUEE.

It’s nice to see Ji Sung putting his vocals to work – the dude can sing, you know.

As he sings, ES remembers how they met and all the things they went through together.

ES claps happily. He walks to her and … proposes to her!! Yahoo… he takes a ring out of a box and slides it on her finger.

ES smiles and looks up at him in wonder, and then stands up to kiss him. And then she hugs him. He brushes his hand through her hair.

It’s wedding day and ES is in her bridal gown being made up! YAY!

NY and MR appear. They end up in a car … and they land near a church where JH greets them happily.

A robber suddenly grabs NY’s bag. ES kicks a can and it hits the robber.

ES discovers that the bag is empty … er … of the ring?

ES and JH walk down the aisle … it’s an outdoor wedding ya’ll.

They pass a cheering Secretary Kim.

Chairman is seated next to ES’s dad which doesn’t please him one bit. They glare at each other.

One of Chairman’s bucket list is fulfilled – Jang gets someone to marry? Hehe.

Park opens a restaurant selling pork pies. He seems happier!

MR and Secretary Kim end up … together? :P MR is weepy and Kim snickers, and she whacks him.
MW’s mum and NY’s mum is there too. Are they still plotting, I wonder?

Grandma is having coffee at a cafe and listening to a tablet – I have no idea what that means ;)

The Chairman is studying a bunch of cards, smiling.

JH and ES puts a ring on each other’s fingers. ES turns to look at MW and NY.

They smile at each other happily.

OOh.. it looks like a few years has passed. JH is wearing spectacles now and looks a little older.

ES is watching the interview with a tablet, smiling.

MW and NY are looking at the news cast too.They’re all playful with each other.

ES and JH are walking in the park … holding an umbrella in the rain… they look every bit like a very comfortable, well-married couple. They lean towards each other and kiss.



PTB ended in such a non-dramatic way I’m not sure how to react to it. I’m so used to dramas ending with a big bunch of drama that not having that seemed … weird.

It’s a low key episode with lots of lovey dovey moments between ES and JH and MW and NY.

Although the drama slid in intensity the last few episodes, it’s still a wonderful watch … such a pleasant, happy watch PTB was. It hardly strayed to super angsty territory, though it flirted with it once or twice.

I’m sad to see it go, really sad. What’s gonna perk me up after this?