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What I have feared has come to pass – vampire mania has hit South Korea. Just kidding. Maybe not so much. If they go the Bella and Edward route I’ll throw a sofa. But I’m so onboard with Vampire Prosecutor because angsty bloodsucker + crusading prosecutor for justice = win.

But reactions to the drama at ranged from “this is silly” to “meh”. Let’s hope the writers and actors prove them wrong.

The story: Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon (Yun Jung Hoon) is bitten and turned into a Vampire. But he goes the angsty vampire route: He  rejects the life of a vampire and  survives by drinking the blood of dead people. And he uses his unique abilities to “prosecute powerful persons normally thought above the law.” (Apparently, if he tastes the blood of a victim, he can see the victims’ last moments.)

A mysterious case alerts him to the fact that he is not the only vampire.

Thoughts: This could turn out really lame or really awesome. The only other South Korean vampire drama I’ve seen was Freeze, which made the vampires so unremarkable (no fangs, can walk in daylight, no super strength etc) that there’s nothing mysterious about them except that they live for a long time. It didn’t help that the drama was really slow paced and had a boring story: vampire hates himself, falls in love with human girl. I’ve seen this 1000x times already. Let’s hope that Vampire Prosecutor can show us something different.

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Vampire Prosecutor will premiere on October 2.




Protect the Boss episode 16 preview


Muwon: Did you fight or something? You’ve gone insane, you.

Jihun: Don’t you know that I was always an insane bastard?

Muwon: Miss Noh Eunsul… to protect her.

Muwon: Miss Nohn Eunsul. You don’t have to take up the offer to transfer.

Eunsul: I plan to endure it.

Eunsul: I’ve finished packing! Now all that is left is to mail the stuff that needs to be mailed, and then I’m gone.

Myungran: I heard that Director Jihun-kun would also be going away to some place called Choongchun or whatnot.

Eunsul: Is that so?

Eunsul: If you were going to do this, then you shouldn’t have approached me! You shouldn’t have acted as if you were going to give me the world!

Jihun: From my position, I had no choice.

Eunsul: Therefore— since you’ve made up your mind, don’t linger on any regrets now. Just go what you need to do on your own path.

Source: w4nn04

Translation Credit: JYJ3

Sneak peak videos for Protect the Boss episodes 15 and maybe 16


Wow, I love these videos and am dying to know what happens tonight and tomorrow!


Protect the Boss episode 15 video preview


CEO Cha: I was not clean. And Noh Eunsul found that out. And those documents were leaked… Prepare yourself.

Jihun: I’m done! With you, father, and with Noh Eunsul too, I am done.

Nayun: No… is it really, the DN search and seizure—was it really my mom who did it?

Muwon: I know that it was not your fault, Miss Noh Eunsul—I wanted to tell you that.

Eunsul: Is your mother, Director Cha Muwon, involved in this?

Muwon: Don’t ever cause these kinds of incidents again. Please, don’t trouble anyone, no matter whom it may be.

Eunsul: Ah, I am the secretary to the son of CEO Cha. I have something urgent, I really need to see him.

Jihun: Just what am I to Noh Eunsul—I plan to think about that.

Source: @Lunjij

Omo! Things are really heating up in PTB land. And is that a hospital I see??? Ji Heon’s going to be in the hospital? Whoa…

Protect the Boss episode 15 written preview


DN Group that is in chaos due to the search and seizure hold deliberations as to ways to react to the investigations as per the prosecution’s summons. CEO Cha surmises that there must be a force behind the scenes. Eunsul who was organizing the office that had become a mess is filled with frustration and sorrow. Jihun, in the middle of heated glares of the employees, become angry at his lack of ability.

On the other hand, Nayun who learns that her mother was the one who procured the affair hears from Muwon that her mother has even falsely implicated Eunsul. Out of frustration she cries in sorrow. For Muwon who consoles her, Nayun feels her heart move again…

Source: SBS

Translation Credit: JYJ3

You’re probably dying to see the video preview, right? Here it is!
Koala’s Playground has also put up the preview.

Protect the Boss episode 13 and 14 preview


Things get serious – not just between Ji Heon and Eun Seol – but in business matters. Chairman Cha’s crimes are coming to the surface, and our lovebirds are going to be in the crossfire.

Some folks do not like the direction the series is going, but I thought it’s about time that they up the stakes. Things has been breezy and easily solved … every drama needs a big obstacle so that the pay off will be a satisfying one.

Protect the Boss episode 12 video and text preview


Hat tip to Welcome to Happy’s World.

Translation of preview from Rebel Souls:

M to J: I cant do it – I cant just easily send her to you -I told you in advance so it’s not against the rules

J warns E not to fall for M calling her a friend

E sees some papers she wasnt supposed to -jang tells her – You didnt see anything – got that?

J asks E if she was ordered to convince him so she explains it wasnt cuz the chairman -she is asking cuz she is curious about what J thinks about it

Looks like Eun Seol saw something she shouldn’t. See, the shady business thing is going to come back to bite Papa Cha, I’m sure of it.

Meanwhile, the text preview:

Muwon who meets Nayun on his way home after departing Eunsul visits a Karaoke with her due to his feelings of frustration, but becomes intoxicated after drinking a bit from a can of beer and loses consciousness. At Nayun’s call, Eunsul and Jihun run to Muwon and Jihun who takes Muwon to his home for some reason feels an aching heart.

On the other hand, CEO Cha calls Eunsul and visits a department store and gifts all kinds of designer clothes. To Eunsul who is uncomfortable, CEO Cha asks that she help Jihun become interested in having the right to control to the corporation…

Source: SBS
Translation Credit: JYJ3

I’m really touched that Ji Hyeon is hurting for Moo Won’s sake. Truly, he really loves his cousin, but they are so used to fighting each other any kind of friendliness or warmth is awkward or viewed with suspicion. I am so shipping the two. In a non-slash way, that is.

Looks like tonight’s episode is going to be stellar. I am so sad that I can’t watch it live though – I have work. Sniff!

Protect the Boss episode 11 preview


I’m still wiped out from my work trip in Hong Kong, so recaps are going to be a wee late this week. Instead, enjoy the preview for episode 11. It looks like Eun Seol doesn’t react very well to Ji Sung and Moo Won’s declarations of love (or maybe they do something foolish after that that pisses her off).

And can I say how much I’m digging Ji Sung’s new look? He just looks handsomer and handsomer. And Eun Seol gets a hair cut too! I’m not too happy that we’re STILL focused on the love triangle though. I want more shady business shenanigans and more revelations about Ji Heon’s phobia. Oh well, but I’m still happy that tomorrow is Protect the Boss day!

If you’re dying for more there are spoiler pictures for episode 11.

Protect the Boss episode 10 preview


Eunsul: Even if I don’t fall for you, don’t be hurt, please.

Muwon: Of course!

Muwon: Is today the only day for us? (T/N: Since it is not, he won’t try to squeeze in everything today.)

CEO Cha: He’s someone who’s never had a drop of water on his hands for all of his life. (T/N: has never done any sort of manual labor)

Nayun: Until the day I die, I won’t date any “thing” called “man.”

Eunsul: Shall I do the same?

Nayun: You might end up like me if you lose them both— so hold onto them well.

CEO Cha: If you want to protect Noh Eunsul, you have to first protect yourself and become stronger.

Muwon: It’s that I want to become stronger. Someone said they don’t like this neighborhood—so I plan to change it.

CEO Cha: As for your impudence, it stops here. (T/N: in the alternative, “As for your impudence, I will put a stop to it from here.”)

Muwon: Then I have no choice but to win over your head, CEO Cha.

Jihun: The neighborhood of Noh Eunsul… It wasn’t the absolute worst, at least.

Source: mglovejj
Translation Credit: JYJ3

Protect the Boss episode 9 preview


Hat tip:

Times like these I really wish I understood Korean. Why is Ji Heon’s dad upset for one? I think it really has something to do with Ji Heon – it is quite possible that he found about Ji Heon’s anxiety disorder and he feels like a lousy dad for not knowing or not being able to help his son. We also get to see a bit more about Ji Heon’s past and how he got his anxiety problem it would seem. And Na Yoon having a sleepover at Eun Seol’s? What in the world is going on? ;)

But the best has to be Eun Seol’s dad meeting Ji Heon, his possible future son-in-law. He looks more keen to clobber the man who is sweet on his daughter than to welcome him to the family!

Meanwhile, Koala has the episode 9 written preview.

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