Protect the Boss episode 7 recap


Poor Eun Seol doesn’t know what to say to Moo Won’s declaration. Like she doesn’t have enough man problems already. She blinks and nervously asks him if what he means is … Moo Won says yes, it means that he likes her.

He says that he’s happy when he’s with her. And Eun Seol suddenly thinks about the time she spent with Ji Heon and his many declarations of love to her. She shakes her head, wondering why she’s thinking of him at this time.

Moo Won tells her that he’s come to like her even more than he imagined, and Eun Seol sighs, and that’s when she spies Ji Heon at the window. He gestures at her to get out. She turns back to Moo Won and tells him that she can’t give her answer to him now as it’s hard for to say yes or no, and since she’s going to be dragged out soon…. Moo Won says that he will make arrangements for them to meet and for now, let them just get along like usual.

She excuses herself and runs outside to Ji Heon who tells her to go back to the office. She tries to he him to return with her to the office, but Ji Heon stubbornly insists that she leave.

In the cafe, Ji Heon tells Moo Won that he likes Eun Seol and that she’s special to him. Moo Won pipes up that he thinks the same way too. Ji Heon tells him that he will give up the company as long as he gives up on Eun Seol. He can’t live without Eun Seol. But Moo Won stubbornly insists that he needs her too because he needs comfort.

Eun Seol rushes back to the cafe when she spots two office workers mock fighting. It was then that she realised that the cousins could end up fighting.


Protect the Boss episode 6 little recap


In the aftermath of the kiss, Na Yoon pushes Moo Won away, saying that she won’t make the same mistake again.

Ji Heon and Eun Seol pull away and then stare at each other in a daze for a while … then her phone rings, and he quickly kneels, begging forgiveness while Eun Seol looks ready to clobber him. Later, they sit apart awkwardly on the sofa for a bit, and Eun Seol says she’ll forgive him for what he did. She reminds him that what he did is almost like what the pervert did to her on the bus. Ji Heon tells her that he doesn’t really like skinship, and the reason why he even did so was because he likes her.


Protect the Boss episode 5 recap


Protect the Boss is the first drama I’ve recapped and I must tell you – I never anticipated the sheer amount of work it takes to do a recap. It’s been a challenge this week to get the recaps done and I have a fresh appreciation for the people at Dramabeans, Thundie’s Prattle and Koala’s Playground for the work they’re doing because it’s massive! Anyway, on to the recap!

Ji Heon gives his speech and dad beams with pride while Moo Woon and his mum Suk Hui looks none too pleased. And we flashback to a few hours ago when Eun Seul was feverishly thinking about a solution to Ji Heon’s problem while brushing her teeth. Her musings are interrupted by her father who video chats with her from his phone, demanding to know why she’s on the front page of the newspaper. And the call gives her the idea she needs. She rushes to the Cha mansion, drags Ji Heon out of bed – still in his underwear (the one which she bought for him) – to a waiting car where (former) Secretary Kim and Myung Ran is waiting for them.

As Ji Heon practises his speech at the teleconferencing centre, the gang encourages him on.

In his speech Ji Heon talks about utilising the creativity of netizens to create more interes in the theme park. This impresses the executives attending, who later tell Chairman Cha that Ji Heon’s report was really good.

A pissed off Suk Hui pretends to loose her balance and then grinds her heel on Chairman Cha’s foot. Chairman Cha says through clenched teeth why she’s so childish and she says under her breath not to mess with her. The two, however, pretend to be all cordial and concerned for each other in front of the employees.

Moo Won’s mum tells him that she’s dissapointed in him for not anticipating Ji Heon’s speech. He sighs in frustration.

An excited Eun Seol rushes to the teleconferencing centre, where she hugs Myung Ran, Secretary Kim and at last Ji Heon, who actually extends his hands out in anticipation of the hug. But the two then remember the conversation in the car where Ji Heon talks about rocks and brains. Ji Heon hopes that Eun Seol doesn’t know what he means while Eun Seol hopes that he was too drunk to remember the conversation. They parted awkwardly and Ji Heon tells Eun Seol to go straight home after cleaning up the conference room.


6 lessons I learned from Scent of a Woman


I was not too keen to hop on the Scent of a Woman bandwagon. The summary of the plot, after all, is: A woman is diagnosed with terminal cancer and is given only six months to live. I wasn’t sure how cancer = romantic comedy, and I was not too eager to emotionally invest in a drama that would end in tears. However, it was the hotness of Lee Dong Wook that snagged me in. (Or rather, the shower scene of all kdrama shower scenes.) My, has the military matured the man. Yummy.

So, I watched the first few episodes, and was inevitably drawn in. And I realise that’s what makes Scent of a Woman so appealing and amazing: Yeon Jae’s (ever-amazing Kim Sun Ah) struggle to live the last six months of her life in the best way possible touches a chord in all of us.

These are the lessons from Scent of a Woman:

1. Don’t live your life for others.
All the characters have been living the life the way others want them to live instead of living for their goals and dreams. Yeon Jae lived for her mother, saving every penny she earns to buy a house. Sae Kyung gave up the love of her life to marry the man her father has chosen for her. And Ji Wook (Lee Dong Wook) may be passively fighting his father’s control over every aspect of his life, but he has resigned himself to a life where he has no control over his career, whom he dates or marries. After her diagnosis, Yeon Jae awakens just in time to grab the life she wants, and she awakens this thirst in Ji Wook as well.

2. When you receive bad news, don’t give in to despair. Instead, find solutions.
Yeon Jae could’ve sunk into deep depression and spent the last six months of her life wallowing in grief. However, after allowing herself to grieve, she quickly whipped up a bucket list, and quickly set out to fulfill them.

3. Don’t live for a better tomorrow. Savour the life you have now.
So you’re saving all your money for your retirement plans. You don’t allow yourself to enjoy any of it. No vacations, pretty clothes or dinners at nice restaurants. Is this a life worth living? This was what Yeon Jae tearfully realised when she checked her big bank balance at the bank. The realisation that she had spent all those years saving and unnecessarily suffering hit her hard, but she didn’t wallow. She went all out after that, getting a complete makeover, buying expensive clothes and booking a first class ticket to Okinawa for the vacation of a lifetime.

4. Don’t hang on to bitterness.
Sae Kyung, the most despicable she-demon to ever grace a Kdrama, has every right to be angry and bitter. The men in her life has either used her or disregarded her. But she chose to hang on to the bitterness and even infected the world with it by trying to make Yeon Jae and Ji Wook’s life as misreable as hers. There’s a big part of me that wants Sae Kyung to trip over the lip of a volcano and fall in, but there’s also a part that wants her to overcome this deep anger in her to awaken to the possibilities that life could offer her. Be a blessing, not a curse to the world.

5. When on a holiday, don’t just be there – be aware.
Ji Wook is so used to coasting through life uninterested and cynical about everything that even when he’s in the vacation paradise of Okinawa, he was just not enjoying himself. Yeon Jae taught him to savour every breath of fresh air, eat weird stuff (black squid noodles) and just dance and laugh at silly things. This is the way to enjoy a vacation, by using your five senses and being aware of your surroundings. We could all learn from that.

6. Pursue your dreams – don’t wait for the perfect day to make them happen.
So you have that dream to backpack around Europe. What are you waiting for? Don’t wait for that perfect day to come because if you wait too long you may talk yourself out of it, or worse, it may never come. Yeon Jae realised that life is short and unpredictable and now with nothing to lose, she pursued all her dreams. However, she must’ve thought: Why didn’t I do this sooner?

Protect the Boss episode 8 preview


I’ve been so busy this week that I missed posting up the preview for Protect the Boss, but better late than never, eh?

The last few episodes have all been about looove. Ji Heon’s in love. Moon Won’s in love. Na Yoon’s in love. And Eun Seul is just confused. But what a happy problem Eun Seul has, being the object of affections for two gorgeous men!

Protect the Boss episode 7 preview



Jihun: You have it all. Then why do you keep trying to take what’s other’s?
Muwon: Quiet!
CEO Cha: You two—did you really fight because of work?
CEO Cha: There is something else… isn’t there?
CEO Cha: Indeed… it was because of Nayun.
Eunsul: Huh?
Nayun: You (say that you) fought because of me?
Nayun: You… I won’t forget this.
Muwon/Jihun: (Excuses)
Nayun: Oh, quiet! Shut up, both of you.
Eunsul: So distracted… At least for me, I will have my guard up.
Eunsul: Are you going to fire me like this?
CEO Cha: Stay quiet and wait for the decision.
Jihun: What do you want me to do /now/?
Jihun: There is a stone named Noh Eunsul…
Jihun: I hope… that for all of my life, Noh Eunsul will be by my side.

Credit: lunjij
Shared by: JYJ3

Oh noes! Chairman Cha is going to fire Eun Seol? But seriously, the girly fight between the two cousins is all kinds of win … :)

Ji Sung and Jaejoong in the Lotte Duty Free commercial


This is so cute and heart-burningly hot that I just have to share it. Lotte Duty Free is, well, exactly what it is, a South Korean duty free chain. But they certainly know that visitors to their store would be tres acquainted with South Korea’s most famous export: Its drama and idol talent. So we have Protect the Boss’s Ji Sung and Jaejoong with JYJ bandmates Yoochun & Junsu, Bi/Rain, Big Bang, Song Seung Heon, Park Yong Ha, and Kang Ji Hwan singing and looking so fine. (My heart, however, absolutely breaks when I see Park Yong Ha, who committed suicide last year.)

Ji Sung has quite a voice on him. He should try a hand at singing – maybe a song for Protect the Boss’s OST? And … I love his hair here. I want this hair back!

A shorter version:

And a Japanese version. Ji Sung sings more in this one :) :

And the making of, where Ji Sung sings the entire song. What a voice, eh?

So. Much. Hotness.

Protect the Boss episode 4 recap


Na Yoon and Moo Won stare at Ji Heon, who is smiling, and Eun Seol, who is having the time of her life on the Viking Ship ride.

Na Yoon finally recognises Eun Seol and demands, “She’s not just a secretary is she?”

When Eun Seol gets off the ride, she bumps into Na Yoon, causing her to smear ice-cream on her blouse. Angrily, Na Yoon marches behind Eun Seol and squashes her ice-cream onto jer butt. Everyone’s shocked – even Na Yoon. But she puts on a sly smile and tells Eun Seol that it’s an accident and that her hand “slipped”.

But Eun Seol is not taking this without a fight. She takes Moo Won’s ice cream and shoves it at Na Yoon’s butt while she’s talking to Ji Heon.

Na Yoon looks at Eun Seol in disbelief while Ji Heon looks on in amazement and Moo Won stifles a laugh. (The men must wonder what’s wrong with the womenfolk today.)

Eun Seol looks at Na Yoon with a faux innocent expression and says that she did it on purpose because Na Yoon did it on purpose too! Don’t you love her?


Protect the Boss episode 6 preview


Episode 5 ended with quite a cliffhanger! Times like these I wish I knew Korean so that I could understand what’s going on in this preview.

Meanwhile, Protect the Boss’s ratings have risen again, and it’s nearly on par with The Princess’s Man which also airs on the same day.

Koala’s Playground and Happy’s World has translated the text preview for episode 6.

Five reasons why you should watch Protect the Boss


In South Korea, Protect the Boss is rising in the ratings and has gained explosive attention from overseas markets. Yet, the rom-com is not gaining a lot of attention from the English-speaking, Korean-drama-loving fandom.

Perhaps it has to do with Viki barring certain countries from viewing the show from its channels, or maybe people just think it’s just another cliched rom-com. Well, if you’re still on the fence, I’m here to convince you that Protect the Boss is so worth your time.

5. Watch Ji Sung in a comedy!

I’ve loved Ji Sung since Save the Last Dance for Me. I was impressed with his intensity and natural screen presence. He starred in a number of serious dramas – All In, Kim So Roo, Swallow the Sun (looking really buff there!) and Royal Family – but as far as I know, not in comedies. (By the way, Koala’s Playground has a nice overview of his work.) If you want to see a serious dramatic actor take a comedic turn and do it amazingly well – watch Ji Sung in Protect the Boss!

4. Ji Sung and Choi Kang Hee have amazing chemistry

Nothing is more deadening than two romantic leads with zilch chemistry (Oh! My Lady is a painful example). But Ji Sung and Kang Hee (who is Eun Seol, Ji Heon’s secretary) have a great connection. They have a great boss-secretary relationship, and a potentially explosive romantic chemistry. You root for Eun Seol and Ji Sung as a couple (be it romantic or working partners), period!

3. It’s great to watch underdogs succeed

No doubt about it – Ji Heon and Eun Seol are underdogs. Ji Heon has a secret he hides from everyone, especially his domineering and demanding dad – he suffers from panic attacks and has a phobia of crowds. Eun Seol is a graduate from a third-rate university and people sniff at her because of it. Because of their shortcomings, Ji Heon and Eun Seol understand each other. They also realise that they need each other to succeed. Watching them succeed against those who are deemed better and despite others expecting them to fail is gratifying.

2. The characters in Protect the Boss have great depth.  

You know how it is. Some characters in kdramas are evil just because. Or just relegated to clowns. Or are noble idiots. But the characters in in Protect the Boss have good reasons to be the way they are. Moo Won may seem like an evil schemer at first, but I think he’s overcompensating, trying to be the perfect executive and potential heir to a conglomerate his father never was. His mother, ambitious and grabby she may be, but her anger over how her son is overlooked for the not-so-capable Ji Heon is justified. And then there’s Chairman Cha, Ji Heon’s dad, who seems like a tyrant at first. But then we realise that he does care for his son, only his methods are not fantastic.

1. It’s hilarious!

Ji Sung and Kang Hee are just great comedians. I’ve come to call Kang Hee the woman with a million faces because her expressions just evoke laughter. And Ji Sung – what a revelation he is! He can do physical comedy with the best of them. But most of all, Protect the Boss has an excellent script. It’s full of witty banter, and best of all, the story makes sense.

If you are following Protect the Boss, what are your reasons for watching it? Come on, let’s convince more to love Protect the Boss – it deserves the attention! :)


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