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Protect the Boss episode 18 language-challenged live recap


Apologies for being away, ya’all. I’ve been so busy, and I’ve been staying with a pal who has no Internet connection.

Well, can you believe that it’s now the last episode? I am actually rather sad about it all. I’ve had such a fun ride with Protect the Boss – it’s the first Kdrama I’m recapping after all. (And I’m woefully behind, I know.) Although the drama wasn’t as engaging from episodes 15 onwards, I still love PTB – purely because I love the characters. I’m just wondering what the last episode brings us.


 As usual, I’ll be writing while watching the show, so just refresh once in a while.

The reporters surround JH and ES, demanding to know about their relationship. ES hotly denies it but JH happily says that he fells in love the first time he saw her.

ES gasps – news quickly spreads on the ‘net. MW laughs while his mum nearly goes crazy. Na Woon’s mum is amazed.

JH drags ES to the park. They have this really long conversation and MW calls and JH says something to him. ES and JH continue to walk in the park, holding hands. So sweet!

The chairman is sweeping the grounds. Two students pass him and he remembers ES.

Jang comes running towards the chairman … he’s probably telling him about the big news between JH and ES.

MW speaks to someone on the phone, his secretary comes in.

He walks with his mum. He mentions the word “scandal” so could he be talking about JH?

Board meeting! They mention Chairman Cha’s name. Suk Hui looks upset. MW speaks… and the chairman suddenly barges in.


Protect the Boss episode 16 language-challenged live recap


(I’m recapping as I watch so just keep on refreshing this page every few minutes. The benefits of being able to type 100 words per minute… :)

Ji Heon breaks up with Eun Seol. But as he leaves in his car, he sees her walking away calmly and reverses. He gets out and yells at her – apparently, he’s asking her why she’s taking this so calmly. Eun Seol’s mad at this and tells him to go.

[Sorry, had to run around and missed a few minutes]

Moo Won receives a call from Na Yoon telling him that JH has broken things off with ES. He follows him to JH’s room and asks if he’s crazy.

ES, Myung Rand and Na Yoon hang out at the top of their home drinking soju. When the MR and NY fall asleep ES broods – and so is JH in his room.

ES is packing up her things, getting ready for the transfer. She says goodbye to the secretaries cordially. Sec Kim comes running in. Next, ES is in MW’s office.

(I’m so proud that ES is not a crying, moping mess because of the break up. She’s a strong gal! Way to go, woman!)

ES goes into JH’s office and remembers the first time she gets instructions from JH. She remembers, smiling, how JH applied medicine after the slap incident. And that time when JH gets all close to her and how she headbutts and twists his arm.


Protect the Boss episode 16 preview


Muwon: Did you fight or something? You’ve gone insane, you.

Jihun: Don’t you know that I was always an insane bastard?

Muwon: Miss Noh Eunsul… to protect her.

Muwon: Miss Nohn Eunsul. You don’t have to take up the offer to transfer.

Eunsul: I plan to endure it.

Eunsul: I’ve finished packing! Now all that is left is to mail the stuff that needs to be mailed, and then I’m gone.

Myungran: I heard that Director Jihun-kun would also be going away to some place called Choongchun or whatnot.

Eunsul: Is that so?

Eunsul: If you were going to do this, then you shouldn’t have approached me! You shouldn’t have acted as if you were going to give me the world!

Jihun: From my position, I had no choice.

Eunsul: Therefore— since you’ve made up your mind, don’t linger on any regrets now. Just go what you need to do on your own path.

Source: w4nn04

Translation Credit: JYJ3

Protect the Boss episode 15 live language-challenged recap


This is the language challenged version! :)

The tax men are raiding JH’s offices. A press conference is held detailing the crimes of the chairman, and Grandma watches upset.

JH attends meeting with Chairman and the board (I think).Manager Park is very nervous during the meeting, especially when the chairman speaks to him. The Chairman clutches his chest in pain. Oh man, are they really going the “chaebol daddy gets sick” route? I hatez that.

Manager Park calls Na Yoon’s mum who says “Understood!” Suk Hui doesn’t look too happy. Na Yoon storms in angry.

Eun Seol cleans the office – paper is scattered everywhere. Ji Heon is angry and storms out. Eun Seol runs after him.

The other secretaries say something to MW’s secretary and Moo Won comes out, looking worried. He mentions her name.

Eun Seol manages to get into the lift with JH. But he’s mad at her. He keeps trying to avoid looking at her, so she grabs his face and forces him to look at her. Then some people come into the lift. The chairman is wheeled out in stretcher – it’s all pretend? Heh. The chairman yells at Eun Seol and Ji Heon pulls her aside. Jang gives instructions to the people pushing the stretcher. Reporters swarm the stretcher. They then surround Ji Heon who pushes himself out of the crowd to the car. He says something to the reporter. Eun Seol blocks their path. Ji Heon’s car drives away and he’s upset to see her surrounded and pushed around by the press.

The Chairman is in the hospital … in bed eating. But he looks rather healthy. Heh. Grandma pops in, and she’s scolding him.

Moo Won is talking to his mum. (Is it me or does Jaejoong look really tired?) Wish I know what he’s saying but he looks upset with her. I think he’s telling her to stop.

Na Yoon calls him and he meets her at the park. Na Yoon, I believe is telling Moo Won that her mother is behind the leak and Moo Won tells her that Eun Seol is going to be blamed for it. She gets upset. He hands her a handkerchief.

Ji Heon is in his study, remembering what Eun Seol is telling him.

Myung Ran is reading news about the incident with the tax officials. Eun Seol’s crying a bit and she talks to Myung Ran. Moo Won follows Na Yoon home. Eun Seol runs down to meet them. Na yoon excuses herself.

Eun Seol and Moo Won talk.Ji Heon appears and overhears what they’re saying … Moo Won says sorry for something. Eun Seol starts tearing up. Ji Heon looks hurt – probably because ES confided in MW when she didn’t with him despite how much he pleaded. Moo Won calls out Ji Heon’s name. Ji Heon leaves and Eun Seol runs after him, hugging him from behind. She says something to him and he turns around and cups her face and brushes her tears away… but he walks away. She marches past him. Moo Won watches them.

Eun Seol and Ji Heon are in the car. Ji Heon pulls over the car. And he’s all stern with her. He tells her to get out of the car? Hmmm. He’s really mad, huh?

Jang is being interrogated. Then it’s manager Park and then Eun Seol.

The chairman is being wheeled into the building. Maan … haha. Ji Heon stands stoicly beside him as the reporters bombard them with questions. Eun Seol watches them and Ji Heon gives her a small smile.

It’s Ji Heon’s turn to be interrogated. And then it’s Chairman! In the next shot he doesn’t have his coat and he looks angrier. Third shot – he looks really tired. Must be a really long interrogation.

Eun Seol waits at the side of the building. Manager Park runs out and she follows from behind eavesdropping as he talks to someone. She manhandles him and shows him a cellphone – she must’ve taped him. Heh.

She rolls up her sleeves and sucker punches him. Go girl! And then does it again – I think she’s “torturing” him for information. Manager Park finally speaks. ;)

Just then a bunch of reporters run past them. The reporters surround Ji Heon. Eun Seol watches him get into the car … and he spots her.

Eun Seol watches a news report on the chairman, and he looks all weak and tired in a wheelchair.

What the? The chairman is in jail with Manager Park. They talk. The Chairman clutches his chest at one point. Really, don’t let him be sick.

Eun Seol and Myung Ran are at the prison where the chairman is taken to the hospital. Maybe for a real reason this time?

Jang tells Ji Heon something.

Na Yoon’s mum reads some reports Moo Won gives her. It doesn’t seem to please her. Could he be striking a bargain with her or something? Ah they’re discussing Eun Seol. Na Yoon comes in. She tears up as she listens in and runs out. Moo Won stops her.He then takes her out somewhere.

Eun Seol walks towards the hospital. She walks casually towards the VIP area and tells the guards that she’s a secretary but they won’t let her in and pushes her out. Next, she’s disguised as a doctor. Na Yoon and Moo Won sees her and wonders what she’s up to. Eun Seol manages to evade the guards and Moo Won and Na Yoon watches in amazement. Eun Seol enters a room while the guards wonder where she has gone to. They split up to find her.

She’s in the right room – she hears Ji Heon.

As Ji Heon and Chairman talks about Eun Seol, she listens from behind a screen. Eun Seol sneaks out…andleans against the door. The guards finally find her and drag her away.

Na Yoon and Moo Won talk outside. Eun Seol manages to escape again. MW and NY stop the guards – Na Yoon by threatening to bite him.

I really wish I knew what the chairman is telling Ji Heon. Darn.

Anyway, MW and NY runs after ES.

JH is driving home, and he’s pensive. Eun Seol broods, thinking about Ji Heon’s reaction to what the chairman told him and remembering what he told her in the car.

Ji Heon drives past Eun Seol sitting at the bus stand …

At the art gallery, NY’s mum and Suk Hui walk together. Myung Ran and Eun Seol march towards the women. The guards try to stop them but the two just beat them up :) Myung Ran holds them in a chokehold. Eun Seol confront the women. Suk Hui looks a wee guilty.

Suk Hui mutters something behind Eun Seol’s back and she hears it. she says something to her. The two leave … later they hug each other. ES gets a call and pushes MW away when she sees who it was.

JH is in his room … while ES puts on make up and sprays perfume on herself. She smiles at herself in the mirror. She walks towards Ji Heon who looks really serious. She takes her hand.

They are at the stables! Can I mention how hot Ji Heon looks in that trenchcoat thingy … They look at the horses. And Ji Heon is leading the horse she’s on and then they ride the horse together. They later have a picnic and feed each other food.

JH looks pensive as he watches her sleep. She wakes up. They hol hands in the park and then he suddenly lets her go and says something and she looks sad….


Ji Heon walks away and ES is in tears. MW talks to ES. ES, MR and NY bear hugs. ES cries when she sees something online.

Sneak peak videos for Protect the Boss episodes 15 and maybe 16


Wow, I love these videos and am dying to know what happens tonight and tomorrow!


Protect the Boss episode 15 video preview


CEO Cha: I was not clean. And Noh Eunsul found that out. And those documents were leaked… Prepare yourself.

Jihun: I’m done! With you, father, and with Noh Eunsul too, I am done.

Nayun: No… is it really, the DN search and seizure—was it really my mom who did it?

Muwon: I know that it was not your fault, Miss Noh Eunsul—I wanted to tell you that.

Eunsul: Is your mother, Director Cha Muwon, involved in this?

Muwon: Don’t ever cause these kinds of incidents again. Please, don’t trouble anyone, no matter whom it may be.

Eunsul: Ah, I am the secretary to the son of CEO Cha. I have something urgent, I really need to see him.

Jihun: Just what am I to Noh Eunsul—I plan to think about that.

Source: @Lunjij

Omo! Things are really heating up in PTB land. And is that a hospital I see??? Ji Heon’s going to be in the hospital? Whoa…

Protect the Boss episode 15 written preview


DN Group that is in chaos due to the search and seizure hold deliberations as to ways to react to the investigations as per the prosecution’s summons. CEO Cha surmises that there must be a force behind the scenes. Eunsul who was organizing the office that had become a mess is filled with frustration and sorrow. Jihun, in the middle of heated glares of the employees, become angry at his lack of ability.

On the other hand, Nayun who learns that her mother was the one who procured the affair hears from Muwon that her mother has even falsely implicated Eunsul. Out of frustration she cries in sorrow. For Muwon who consoles her, Nayun feels her heart move again…

Source: SBS

Translation Credit: JYJ3

You’re probably dying to see the video preview, right? Here it is!
Koala’s Playground has also put up the preview.

Protect the Boss episode 13 and 14 preview


Things get serious – not just between Ji Heon and Eun Seol – but in business matters. Chairman Cha’s crimes are coming to the surface, and our lovebirds are going to be in the crossfire.

Some folks do not like the direction the series is going, but I thought it’s about time that they up the stakes. Things has been breezy and easily solved … every drama needs a big obstacle so that the pay off will be a satisfying one.

Protect the Boss episode 12 video and text preview


Hat tip to Welcome to Happy’s World.

Translation of preview from Rebel Souls:

M to J: I cant do it – I cant just easily send her to you -I told you in advance so it’s not against the rules

J warns E not to fall for M calling her a friend

E sees some papers she wasnt supposed to -jang tells her – You didnt see anything – got that?

J asks E if she was ordered to convince him so she explains it wasnt cuz the chairman -she is asking cuz she is curious about what J thinks about it

Looks like Eun Seol saw something she shouldn’t. See, the shady business thing is going to come back to bite Papa Cha, I’m sure of it.

Meanwhile, the text preview:

Muwon who meets Nayun on his way home after departing Eunsul visits a Karaoke with her due to his feelings of frustration, but becomes intoxicated after drinking a bit from a can of beer and loses consciousness. At Nayun’s call, Eunsul and Jihun run to Muwon and Jihun who takes Muwon to his home for some reason feels an aching heart.

On the other hand, CEO Cha calls Eunsul and visits a department store and gifts all kinds of designer clothes. To Eunsul who is uncomfortable, CEO Cha asks that she help Jihun become interested in having the right to control to the corporation…

Source: SBS
Translation Credit: JYJ3

I’m really touched that Ji Hyeon is hurting for Moo Won’s sake. Truly, he really loves his cousin, but they are so used to fighting each other any kind of friendliness or warmth is awkward or viewed with suspicion. I am so shipping the two. In a non-slash way, that is.

Looks like tonight’s episode is going to be stellar. I am so sad that I can’t watch it live though – I have work. Sniff!

Spoiler pictures for Protect the Boss episode 11


Pictures beneath the cut – these are  sweet and exciting spoilers!


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